Monday, 3 October 2016

Jeffree Skewes #6 My Island

8 August 2016

My island from the air looks like a fish
surrounded by seas
communing with others
over millennia

timeless dreamers
picture beyond
common certainty
barbarous, Utopian or sagacious

free spirits soar high
with airs and eyes
for the not plain and obvious
and it was good

birds of the same feather
share everyday treasure
seek in return
a thirst for knowledge

for what gift do I have
could I carry
what can I offer
but thirst

because my island is like a fish
sailing is natural just upside down
I seek out new lands

not without empatia

image: Silk on the Road / Marquette for installation digital detail 2. desert sand, silk, dyes, rice paper, ink - j skewes

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