Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Jeffree Skewes #1 Silk on the Road – prelude

1 August 2016

The sacred always hid its true meaning
even when glittering pages, walls and statues
the ringing bells or solemn Latin
conspire to blind acuity

until the journey toward its room
singularity or by luck is excavated
do candles, flowers and incense appear
reborn, mulled and promising

the journey begins
while in a kind of darkness
only a youth would conjure
beyond forests, seas and deserts

crackling onstage timbers buck
no audience is listening
plateau after plateau reached
only actors remain

nothing can be said
of despair left behind
it was nothing
there is no turning back

Grace puffs a sweet fugitive perfume
trailing whispers of adventure so magnificent
silk paves these endless roads

on a pilgrim's journey

image: Silk on the Road installation maquette detail 1. desert sand rice paper silk synthetic polymer paint ink clay flower petals / jskewes


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