Friday, 30 September 2016

Jeffree Skewes #25 Room in Lhasa

29 Aug 2016

A room in Lhasa
a lifetime of service
not to others only one
an undivided solo to the self

candles prayer incense life's journey
high-wire passages and bleary deserts
through heat ice fire rock sometimes flowers
to sit and not to wander here at last

gratitude and chanting burns off
pain Maya un-suffering rites
detaching from attachments
contemplating contemplating

preparing for rebirth's mighty finale
in solitude cold and unlit rooms
darkness stark and hardness
but for crack-thin light seep in doors

droning archaic words and sounds
of what it takes to be found
in a room in Lhasa
dancing down the upward urge

fighting what appears fear
when you're bound on the ground
outrunning life's journeying
determining truth and truthfulness

releasing lifetimes spent
questioning what is meant
with a human form
filling up on emptiness

posing on stone and boards knowing
thousands knowing what it's worth
to pass through the immortal
nowadays this room's a portal

on a road paved in silk
time has come to free
this square farewell and

share a Room in Lhasa

image: A room in Lhasaink charcoal conte on recycled rice paper & synthetic polymer paint on stretched canvas / jskewes

Jeffree Skewes #26 Blue Moon

 August 29, 2016

Only if it's just so
and not by chance
heaven's hand
reveals a slight

an extra moon
in the cycle
another chance

to get it right

image: Blue Moon – synthetic polymer and enamel paint on stretched canvas detail.2 / jskewes

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Jeffree Skewes #27 Marco's Dream

 August 31, 2016

Aroused by foreign visions uncharted

imaginary exotic phantom journeys

of fabled lands who would swallow

traversing seas mountains desert sand

a quest so near uncertain landings

holy grail was I dreaming

story worth believing in

legend filled with mist and fog

in what dimension did I sail

which poetry hid my tale

what could I say of Shangri la

when it's so deeply common

I left behind my island

to share in others a mile too far

if I saw all this as it's told

wouldn't I have been be too old

dreams are made in distant shores

across all time and never cured

dearer to a heart they make up

the future's inverse ending

what would I dream now

I've seen the other side

seeking what is not

my island now

Image: Marco's Dream synthetic polymer & oil paint on canvas on ply / jskewes

Jeffree Skewes # 28 Bardo Island

August 31, 2016

No one thing is properly measured
until it's seen in verso
long is but a comparison to short
moment to moment all day these two play

above and below or fact and fiction
between life and death
this second and the next
the Bardo dwells

in the world of duality
there exists a place not quite either
a time to choose or perhaps muse
on the shores of Bardo Island

breath comes in //pause// out it's over
in a flash it's peace or war or write or not
in between is the Bardo
after life and death there is an island

eternity's not a clock


image: Bardo Island – synthetic polymer paint enamel gold-leaf recycled book pages on cotton paper canvas on ply / jskewes

Jeffree Skewes #29 After the rain

September 1, 2016

All but drops strained

passed through

live again

image: After the Rain synthetic polymer paint gold leaf on canvas on board / jskewes

Jeffree Skewes #30 Still life

September 3, 2016

It could be claimed this genre 
and its codes lead to defining
some current tableaux
table-set culture
some apples a pot or two etc
placement rules composition

contrast balance or harmony
framed arrangements just so
act like music
shifting notes by increments
some fruit this way or that
a passage more meaningful

stories have balance too or not
their jugs grammar and plots
a choreographic glory
facts become fiction
shifting position so slightly
truth or suspense displaced

some words some fruit
a librettist a song some
tall stories recomposed

still life

image Still life 1,2,3, (verso view) recycled rice paper inks enamel paint interfacing / jskewes

Jeffree Skewes #31 Silk on the Road

 4 Sept 2016

Calm in mind
adventure in spirit
gratitude in heart
silk on the road

image: Silk on the Road - installation maquette / desert sand rice paper silk acrylic paint ink clay flower petals / jskewes



Jeffree Skewes Fin

Here on this blog are the collated daily contributions of a month-long project first published on Blog Project 366 for which I am very grateful to have been invited to participate.

Above are the 31 poetry and artwork pieces I produced during August 2016 without editing or layout changes as they appear on 365+1 other than to collate them and repairs some typos.

I hope to satisfactory finalise these poems and artworks later and edit them where required and develop them as broader narratives for a proposed refined edition of Silk on the Road.

I hope you enjoyed this suite as a work-in-progress and do encourage your comments.

Jeffree Skewes
September 2016